How Box it Out came to be..



Hi I’m Deanna, owner of Box It Out.

I joined Box it Out back in 2012, and absolutely loved it! The sessions were fast paced, challenging and ever changing, and I fell in love with boxing. Yeah yeah, sounds corny.. But you’ll understand when you try it.

Over my time training with Box it Out, I lost two dress sizes and became so involved with boxing, working out in the gym and all things fitness that I became a qualified PT & group instructor. I learnt how to be confident with who I am, what my body can do and how great movement can be.

I was invited to take my first Box it Out class in 2014. My god was I nervous. I thought my first session was absolutely horrible – I couldn’t work the interval timer so the timing was all guess work, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough and I’m pretty sure that I talked for the whole hour. The. Whole. Hour.

Turns out, I got lots of positive feedback! The people I previously trained with, and secretly raced, actually liked it! BEST DAY EVER.

So I continued taking more and more classes and ended up taking over as owner in 2015. I was absolutely petrified, but I made that jump and I can proudly say that I have some of the best outdoor classes in Adelaide. Yep big statement, I know.

I can say this because I don’t focus on any body shapes, sizes or on weight loss at the sessions, but on strength and confidence. These
are two things that absolutely every single person deserves to feel. Fitness is a feeling, it’s a habit and it can not be determined by a number. Shape, size & weight do not always determine how fit you are. Strength & confidence trump all.

If you are looking for a challenge, then try Box it Out today!

Too often I have seen people come along, and the session scares them back to the couch and a life of inactivity. You need to find what suits you and your lifestyle, however Box it Out is no baby step. Whether it be walking, running half marathons, crossfit, body building or boxing with me, I want you to find your best self. Your best, strong, confident self.

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