It’s common for most people to think, ‘what do I give for Easter?’ Well, to me, Easter really is all about giving.

And giving has a different meaning to me, than to most. Most see a chocolate egg at the shops, buy it, wrap it & give it to someone.. For me, it’s gotta be more holistic than that. When I give, it needs to show care, it needs to show love and it needs to show compassion. To me, thoughtfulness is true giving.


Thought gets put into not only them, but to their health, to the environment, to others around us, and also to ourselves.

Here is a list of five thoughtful, conscious and meaningful gifts to give at Easter, which will show your loved ones that they mean a great deal to you!

  1. Rice Krispies OR Coconut macaroon nests
    • I love making healthy treats for others at times like this. What is everyone going to do with so much chocolate anyway? I don’t appreciate others sabotaging my goals, so I simply lead the way. Set the expectation. Try these recipes: Rice Krispies and Coconut macaroon nests.
  2. Carrot cake balls, or even a mason jar with the ingredients.
    • Another option is more Easter themed – Carrot cake balls. You could even put this mix into a mason jar with the recipe attached. The jar is a great idea if you have a family recipe/tradition over Easter time as well.
  3. Coconut ice OR Ferrero Rocher slice
    • These are great to make together and then give a few small squares or two long rectangles of each, per person. Both will be a delicious change from the other, but both so good. Get the recipes here: coconut ice and ferrero rocher slice.
  4. Homemade sugar scrub
    • This is a great one to make, and to receive! It’s quick & easy, and can use up any unwanted sugar in the house. Or if you are on the receiving end, you’ve got some beautiful relaxing oils and will have beautiful shining skin afterwards. Get the instructions to make your own here.
  5. Pot plant or herbs
    • How cute is this one!!! I absolutely love this idea. I would use small pots and pair it with a herb that they can keep on their windowsill. Basically, if you would love to receive this as a gift, you’re probably on the money that others will love it too!

Happy making, loving and giving my crew.

What do you normally give over Easter? Do you have any special traditions?

D 🙂

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Happy International Womens Day!!!


To celebrate some amazing women on this day, I’ve made a list of 5 inspirational women to follow on social media:

  1. Kaisa Keranen @Kaisafit

I’ve been following Kaisa since her & her previous training partner, Jennifer, had a joint account – and I still absolutely love her energy!! Kaisa puts up workout videos of her own training, examples of workouts you can do at home with just a shoe and also her #JustMove challenge exercises. Did I mention that she is always smiling as she works out. L O V E.



  1. Lilian Dikmans @liliandikmans

Lilian is such a bad ass!! She is super down to earth, is a model, and also does Muay Thai. The amount of power she generates in all her hits is AMAZING. I love watching all of her training videos. Her style is so easy to watch!!!


  1. Jen Esquer @docjenfit

This chicky is so inspiring! She’s a PT AND a doctor. Yes girl!! She does a wonderful balance of strength & mobility work, and puts out videos on how to improve your mobility with really simple exercises. She knows her stuff!!



  1. Cassandra Mamone @cassandramamone

So this one isn’t fitness related but she has to make the list. Cassandra makes the most DIVINE jewellery and is well know for her stunning engagement rings. Every single piece she makes is flawless and an absolute work of art. I actually met Cass at a hens day, without knowing who she was, and got along with her like a house on fire. She is a gorgeous, petite, pocket rocket with an amazing sense of humour, and so much talent to boot. Check out her rings – but be warned, you’ll never settle after you see her range.



  1. Sohee Lee @soheefit

Sohee is a trainer from America who does lots of glute building workouts (totally up my alley!!) and also puts out some really cool facts & infographics. Whether it’s about how to achieve your goals, what is stopping you from losing weight, how to maintain muscles while losing fat, etc – she really breaks it down into action steps you can follow.


Those are my 5, so get following!!
Is there someone else who should have made the list? Who is in your top 5?

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Are you getting frustrated and feeling like you’re putting in all the work but aren’t seeing the results you’ve been expecting? Yet? Here are four ways that your fitness is improving that you may not have even noticed:


  1. You have more energy.

You’re finding it easier to wake up in the morning. You aren’t suffering from 3.30itis. You are no longer reaching for a second cup of coffee. Such seemingly small things, but all are good signs that your health and fitness is improving.


  1. You look forward to your workouts.

It’s been stressful at work so you look forward to your workout. You find yourself getting excited to get to class. Both are brilliant signs that you’re making progress. Remember that it’s about the small victories. Maybe when you started, you were only able to do a few half squats, but now you can do 20 full squats without breaking a sweat. That is a great sign of progress!


  1. You’re able to do more cardio, for longer periods of time.

This is a great way to see your fitness level improving! If you’re able to take the stairs at work without getting out of breath, or if you’re able to run longer without needing to stop, that’s another sign that your fitness is improving. You can walk someone on a hot day and don’t break a sweat so easy now? It’s actually easier and your body is more efficient. Cool huh??


  1. You have more mental clarity

You’re finding it easier to focus on your work throughout the day. You find it easier to stay motivated during a long day at work. You can concentrate, and you can retain lots of information. Yes, fitness helps your brain function too, and the healthier you are, the more that helps your mental clarity too. And hey, if your brain is improving, how can you go wrong!?


Have you noticed any of these in yourself? Be sure to CELEBRATE all of these victories… Remember, they all add up to helping you live your healthiest, best life.

What have you noticed is the biggest accomplishment you’ve made so far in your fitness journey, which isn’t physical? Leave me a comment below, or share this with someone you know needs to read it.

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