Meet Your Trainers

IMG_4691The Quick 5 with Deanna – Owner / Kickboxing Group Class Trainer

Describe yourself in 10 words or less: Happy, high energy, driven, confident, strong, lover of life.

Favourite exercise: Boxing. Hands down.

Favourite food: Any and all things mexican!

Current training: Muay thai, weight lifting & Box it Out classes.

Why you love being a trainer in 30 words or less: Empowering others with the feeling of being unstoppable, the happiness and most importantly the confidence that fitness brings. I love having the platform and ability to share that!





The Quick 5 with David – Kickboxing Group Class & PT

Describe yourself in 10 words or less: Amicable, easily amused, occasionally serious. Punk rock.

Favourite exercise: Sparring.

Favourite food: Pie. All the pie.

Current training: Mma/kickboxing, wing chun, tai chi & qi gong.

Why you love being a trainer in 30 words or less: To teach others, empower others, see smiles and dedication, to be amazed at all the small improvements made week in week out. Essentially, service to others. It’s pretty much the dream.





The Quick 5 with Dani – Resident Yogi & Stretch it Out instructor. 

Describe yourself in 10 words or less: Playful. Enthusiastic. Caring. Stubborn. Eclectic.

Favourite exercise: The word yoga means union, the connection between thought and action, mind and body. I love anything where I can let go and just enjoy the movement, like a moving meditation. It doesn’t have to be yoga asana practice either. The rhythm of gloves against the pads or feet against the road can be just as calming.
Favourite food: Cheese or ice cream. Delicious, and perfect for sharing with friends.
Current training: At the moment I’m trying giving my leg joints a rest after a big 2016 of long distance running events. I practice yoga daily, jog at the beach, box and do regular tabata/circuit classes.
Why you love being a trainer in 30 words or less: I love being able to provide knowledge and guidance, while also experiencing the shared joy with my class of discovering ourselves, our bodies and our abilities.




The Quick 5 with Bruce – Strength Trainer & PT

Describe yourself in 10 words or less: Friendly, fun, hard working, focussed.

Favourite exercise: Explosive powerful lifts & movements.

Favourite food: Chicken

Current training: Soccer, body weight training.

Why you love being a trainer in 30 words or less: Seeing clients achieve their goals, and taking steps to improve their health and happiness.