If you want to begin toning up, getting fit, focusing on your health and absolutely LOVING who you see in the mirror, it’s time to get started!

✔ Relive the stress of your work day
✔ Learn bad ass boxing & kickboxing skills
✔ Be among a motivated group
✔ Love how you look – naked & clothed!
✔ Shred body fat on your arms, stomach & thighs
✔ Get fit, fast
✔ Become happier and healthier
✔ Look good in every outfit you have

There are two ways to apply to join our crew:
1. 2 x Technique Sessions with one of our trainers
2. Join us in our next round of our Boxing or Empowerment Plans.

✔ Box it Out accommodates people of all ages with different levels of fitness. Rest assured there are no unfriendly faces, egos, or attitudes at Box it Out. You can participate for fun, fitness or both!
✔ No nonsense, no gimmicks, just fun workouts that get brilliant results…

Thanks for filling that out. I will call you to have a chat soon!

Owner, Box it Out.

30 day money back guarantee: we know that our programs help people feel more confident, have more energy, relieve stress and achieve fantastic long lasting results. We stand by our training so if after 30 days you aren’t happy with your progress, we will refund your money no questions asked.

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