Relieve the stress of your work day
Learn bad ass boxing & kickboxing skills
Better sleep at night
Love how you look – clothed & naked (which means better sex)
Shred body fat on your arms, stomach & thighs
Perfect posture
Become happier and healthier
Live longer



Before joining our group classes, all new starters must complete our technique sessions.

The technique sessions are planned for you to learn our style of boxing, knees, kicks & most importantly, the padholding and catching of each hit, which is a vital skill for your comfort and confidence at our classes.

Once your technique is up to our group class standard, then you will be invited to trial our group classes.

Our group technique sessions are currently on hold, but you can still join by booking in for 1 on 1 technique sessions instead. Fill in the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

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