Lower back stretches for lower back pain

Get lower back pain? Maybe it’s from bad posture? A weak core? And now you’re exercising and your back is getting upset…   The good news is, if you haven’t injured yourself, you can relieve the pain fairly quickly! Muscles

4 supplements you should be taking

Wondering what supplements you should be taking to help you train better?   Looking to improve your performance? Speed up your recovery? Maybe your cupboard or shelf is full of so many different things, and you’re not even sure which

How my naturopath & I healed my gut

Firstly, I am not a naturopath or doctor, and this is does not take the place of medical advice. This is my personal experience.   If you have low energy, have pain after eating certain foods, have been told you

What to wear to the gym…

Wondering what you should wear to the gym?   Check out the following article from Ashbourne where I was asked to comment on what is best to wear:   Ladies, This is What You Should Actually Be Wearing to the

Why Should I Take Risks?

  Today is my second-to-last day of my office job and I’m really really excited. Like I’m so pumped, but I just wanted to talk about the risk that I had to take to get to that point. Quitting your

How to use your mindset to achieve better results

Changing your mindset could be the key to changing your life. What if I told you that your success has nothing to do with where you’re starting from right now, but is all about having the right mindset?   What

Top 5 tips to avoid stacking on the kgs over Easter

How to avoid Easter weight gain   1. Set yourself a reasonable chocolate limit. There’s no need to deny yourself a few treats, but remember that Eater is just one day. Enjoy a hot cross bun or little chocolate without guilt, but

Healthy Easter Meals

Don’t want to sabotage your goals for one weekend of overeating & regret? Will you be staying fit & healthy over the long Easter weekend? I certainly will!   I’m not going to let a four day weekend de-rail me,

What to give for Easter..

It’s common for most people to think, ‘what do I give for Easter?’ Well, to me, Easter really is all about giving. And giving has a different meaning to me, than to most. Most see a chocolate egg at the

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