Why junk food is so addictive

You are working hard on your fitness, trying to eat healthier but struggle to stay away from junk food? While a little is okay in moderation, eating too much junk food can hinder your progress! You aren’t alone though. Junk

How to stay healthy during the holidays

“How can I stay healthy during the holidays?”   As we’re heading into the holiday season, all of the festivities and celebrations can easily derail your health and fitness goals. I’m going to share my top tips for helping you

How to reignite your workout

Top three ways to reignite your workout passion   Struggling to get motivated and reignite your passion for working out? Here are a few tips to shake up your routine, or if you’re someone who dreads your workout each day,

Regular vs Sweet Potato

Sweet potato vs normal potato   White potatoes have received a bad reputation in the past few years, and sweet potatoes started being suggested as the better, healthier alternative. But the real question is: What’s the difference between the two?

Top 5 upper body exercises

The 5 best exercises for upper body strength that anyone can do!!   Looking to tone your upper body and look leaner? These five upper body exercises will improve your strength, and help you tone up those arms and chest.

How to burn fat, gain muscle & get lean

Are you looking to burn fat plus look leaner and more toned? The best way to is to build up your muscles! Here are my three best tips for burning fat, building your muscles and start looking leaner:   Healthy

5 easy ways to get fit and healthy

I wanted to share my best tips with you for how to live a more active, healthy life. These are all super easy to add into your day. Although simple, it all adds up and could be the difference you

15 of the best foods for weight loss

Looking for the best foods to eat to help you lose weight? Here are 15 different foods that will do exactly that! Keep in mind though, that in addition to what you eat, your fitness is still just as important.

Common Excuses for Not Working Out

There are many excuses that we use when it comes to working out. Here are five common excuses you might be using when it comes to working out, and how to overcome them so you can stay on track with

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