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How can you keep fit, and sane, especially now?


So, there has been some pretty major shifts in the world, and with the current COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve pivoted our group classes online.

We’ve each had to make big adjustments and start putting more thought into what we do.

We’ve also had to get used to a new way of living, and a new way of working.

For some, this is a welcome change.

For others, it brings on anxiety.

But that’s where we come in. We know your whole life feels like it has been ripped apart, that your schedule is now all over the place, and don’t even mention routines or sleep.

But NOW….
Now you have the opportunity to slow down, to reset, and to really focus on what you DO want, going forward.

You now have more time to yourself. More time to think, and more time to act.

And we are here, every step of the way, taking steps forward.

We’re not just talking physical health, but nutritional and mental health too.
Because all three of those are needed to make life long changes.



So if you only want the best for your health.
If you are ready to have a calm mind.
If you are ready to be admired and constantly asked “You are so confident and you look amazing, how did you do it?”
This is the answer.




Join us here: Give me access.




We’ve got a few different membership options, but we recommend really looking at what you think will get the best  results, for YOU.

We are here and ready to support you, but you must commit to your health. To being coachable and taking action. To becoming your best self.

Here are our different options:


Bronze       $30/week Silver
Access to LIVE group classes 2 per week 4 per week Unlimited
Access to ‘Surprise Sunday’ workouts with guest trainers Yes Yes Yes
Access to our supportive members Facebook group Yes Yes Yes
Access to group class recordings Yes Yes Yes
Access to bonus recordings – e.g. Mindset, meditation, foam rolling. Yes Yes Yes
Access to food tracking assessment and feedback Yes Yes
Access to custom nutrition habit coaching Yes
Access to online check ins & progress tracking Yes
Become a Box it Out Badass! Yes Yes Yes


This is not just a ‘here’s your downloads, see you later’ type of thing.

These are LIVE classes, practical lessons and tools, and the most supportive network of members.

This is a place where we sweat together, we inspire each other, and we progress together.


The healthy body and strong mind that always seems out of reach to you? We will make this happen.



How you will get results:



You will get access to our LIVE group classes.

All of the workouts can be done from your own home, and all you will need is your own beautiful body. If you have a yoga mat, a resistance band or weights, we will be using them, too. If you have equipment, great, otherwise, you can easily fill up a shopping bag with tins from the cupboard.

Our workouts are always changing, to make sure you and your body are always being challenged. Some will get you very sweaty, some will focus on strengthening and toning muscles, and others will focus on mobility to get you moving better, every day.

And if you miss the live group classes? These are recorded and uploaded so you can do it later, or maybe you just want to do one of our kick ass sessions again! (Included as part of the Regular, Platinum & VIP memberships)



We will be using our custom made habit tracker to start eating in a new way to eliminate bloating, skin issues and flatten your stomach.
When you eat in the way we teach, you will develop healthy eating habits, which means you will continue to get results, week in and week out.

No need to weigh your food, go hungry, or say no to pizza if you don’t want to.
Each week, you will send through your habit tracker, and we will assess what is working, and what may need to change.

We also have recipes and a healthy shopping list to help set you up for success.



Your mindset is vital when it comes to creating positive habits and maintaining your weight loss. It’s also more important than ever right now, to keep yourself calm, centred and staying out of states of fear and overwhelm. In the past, you have probably been working out, eating well, but still did not see the results you want. It’s not your fault. Most of our efforts in the past are lacking this key element, and until we address it, our dream body will always be out of reach.

We will help you start a beautiful, calming mindset practice that works for you, maybe even for the first time.



Join us here: Give me access now!


Still not convinced yet? Here are some comments from our members about our approach:


“FIRST ONLINE CLASS DONE! What a success! I was super nervous about doing an online class. It was unfamiliar territory, but it was absolutely brilliant. It was the first “mental break” I had all day. I was able to focus on my technique and breathing instead of being overwhelmed by the events of the world. Thank you for adapting our sessions D and for keeping us all sane! Can’t wait to get my sweat on again tomorrow night”

“I’ve only been doing it for a week so far but I’m loving it! Your help with nutrition has been so good for me, I feel a change already! Thank you for being so open with questions and support.”

“I’m having to finish work late this week at 7pm. So what I’m doing is finishing work and completing the class once uploaded online. My most fave class I do all the time was Saturday – it made me feel like I was with you all and I loved the intensity.”

“Awesome workout tonight D!! Great work everyone! My laptop was absolutely crapping itself the whole time and I couldn’t hear or be heard – I’ll use my phone next time!! Wanted to let you know I thought it was awesome and I’ll actually say hi next time. Thank you!!”

“Loved it D! Perfect for a small space, good variety of movement and exercises, and I broke a sweat! See you again tomorrow night!”

“The live classes are working so well for me, it’s the element of accountability and knowing that people will notice if I’m not there. Thanks for giving me an outlet, and keeping me focused! ”

“After the first week of workouts and healthy reinforcement I am already feeling so much better. Sore from workouts but happy knowing it’s for the right reason. Can’t wait for week two workouts!!!”


You’ll probably lose weight and look better, but what matters is that you will be stronger, healthier and happier.

You can get results without exhausting workouts or starving yourself.

This isn’t a set and forget type of thing, this is a journey for your mind, body and food.

No nonsense, no gimmicks.

Everything we do is sustainable, repeatable, and you can do it for life!!


Join me here: Give me access already!




This is the answer. I will show you how to delve deep and get long lasting changes by aligning your physical body, nutritional habits and mindset patterns.

If you only want the best for your health. If you are ready to stand out from the crowd. If you are ready to be admired and constantly asked “You are so confident and you look amazing, how did you do it?”

This is the answer.



Join now and get ready to see brilliant results, super fast.


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