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“What do I do about my biggest problem area?”

“What do I do about my biggest problem area?” For some, it’s their arms or ‘bingo wings’. Others would probably say their legs. And majority of people are going to say it’s their tummy. So what can you do about

The Best Options When Getting Takeaway…

Want to get takeaway or eat out, without sabotaging your health and fitness progress, AND still enjoy your food?   Here are the 5 biggest impact ways to do so:   1. Prioritize veggies. Try to look for and choose

3 easy ways to stop stress snacking

3 Easy Ways to Stop Stress Snacking

Stress snacking usually sneaks up on us, and before we know it, we’re licking our fingers clean, and looking for another packet or two… But when things around us are changing and life feels like it’s almost stopped, yet our

5 Ways to Calm Down Quickly When You're Overwhelmed

5 Ways to Calm Down Quickly When You’re Overwhelmed 

It’s normal to get upset and worry at times, but when you feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed, what can you do? It usually happens so fast that it feels like a sneak attack that we didn’t see coming, so it’s

Confidence and happiness

Does confidence make you happy or does happiness make you confident? If we are confident, we aren’t always necessarily happy, but if we are not happy, we generally aren’t confident. So when we drill down, confidence is a big driver behind

The Best Fitness Tools to Keep You on Track

The Best Fitness Tools to Keep You on Track   So you’re excited to get kick start your weight loss and fitness in 2019? But you’re a little nervous that you won’t stick to o reach your fitness goals? That’s

The 5 Must-Have Apps to Improve Your Life and Become Your Best Self

Not just fitness, or health, but any aspect of your life is covered here in the 5 must have apps to become your best self: Pinterest – I’m not quite sure where to start with this one but it is

5 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Top 5 Tips to Help You Avoid Holiday Weight Gain 1. Start your day off right! Starting your day off on the right foot with a good workout will help you stay on track the rest of the day! Even

Five things to replace to get lean, fast!

I get asked a lot about losing weight, getting lean and toning up. I also get asked how to do this, fast. So I put together a list of the five ways you can lose weight, tone up and see

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