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How many times per week should you work out?

Ask your friends, family or even your doctor how often you should work out to get results and you will receive different advice. In short, they will all tell you to either eat less, move more or both. It’s technically

How to get a flat stomach & toned abs!

Abdominal muscles, or abs, aren’t actually made in the kitchen. They are made in the gym, however they are revealed in the kitchen. First up, if you are looking to have rock hard abs – I’m talking about walking on

How to lose weight and keep it off

Be realistic. The easiest way to make sure that you lose weight and are able to keep it off, is to be realistic. It’s not about finding the ‘perfect’ (aka extreme) diet that will help you lose an excessive amount

The Best Fitness Tools to Keep You on Track

The Best Fitness Tools to Keep You on Track   So you’re excited to get kick start your weight loss and fitness in 2019? But you’re a little nervous that you won’t stick to o reach your fitness goals? That’s

The 5 Must-Have Apps to Improve Your Life and Become Your Best Self

Not just fitness, or health, but any aspect of your life is covered here in the 5 must have apps to become your best self: Pinterest – I’m not quite sure where to start with this one but it is

Lower back stretches for lower back pain

Get lower back pain? Maybe it’s from bad posture? A weak core? And now you’re exercising and your back is getting upset…   The good news is, if you haven’t injured yourself, you can relieve the pain fairly quickly! Muscles

What to wear to the gym…

Wondering what you should wear to the gym?   Check out the following article from Ashbourne where I was asked to comment on what is best to wear:   Ladies, This is What You Should Actually Be Wearing to the

How to use your mindset to achieve better results

Changing your mindset could be the key to changing your life. What if I told you that your success has nothing to do with where you’re starting from right now, but is all about having the right mindset?   What

5 Inspirational Women to follow

Happy International Womens Day!!!   To celebrate some amazing women on this day, I’ve made a list of 5 inspirational women to follow on social media: Kaisa Keranen @Kaisafit I’ve been following Kaisa since her & her previous training partner,

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