6 Week ‘Accidental Weight Loss’ Program

Can weight loss really be easy?

Yes, it can!!

Together we will be putting our health first, by setting up the three pillars of success, and letting the weight loss happen as a side affect.


If you only want the best for your health.
If you are ready to stand out from the crowd.
If you are ready to be admired and constantly asked “You are so confident and you look amazing, how did you do it?”
This is the answer.


This is not just a ‘Here’s your eBook, see you in 6 weeks time’.
This is a support network.
This is a place where we work together, and win together.
This is the answer, and you will get results, guaranteed.





What you will get:

  • Success Workbook and Success Tracker – the start of how to make your results certain.
  • Nutrition, healthy habit and mindset coaching.
  • Designed to work around your existing commitments.
  • A new style of working out for a healthy, lean, injury free body.
  • A new way of eating to reduce and eliminate bloating, skin issues and flatten your stomach.
  • A new way of thinking to get you the body you’ve always wanted.

The weight loss that always seems out of reach to you? We guarantee to make this happen.

Join here: Box it Out’s 6 Week Online ‘Accidental Weight Loss’ Program


How the program works:



Learn a new style of exercise for a healthy, injury free body.
Our workouts are split into three categories – some will get you very sweaty, some will focus on strengthening and toning muscles, and others will focus on mobility to get you moving better, every day.

All of the workouts can be done from your own home. All you will need is a yoga mat, resistance band, a booty band, and your own body.

The six week program is designed to complement your existing fitness routine. So if you already go to the gym, run, or play sport, this is where the magic will happen for you. For three of the designated active days, you will be doing the 20 minute workouts from the #BIO6WC ‘accidental weight loss’ program. On the other designated active days, maintain your normal fitness activities. This could be a sport you play, working out at the gym, attending a group fitness or yoga class.

If you don’t have any of these options, that’s okay! A 30 minute walk is a great way to get your blood flowing and body moving.



We will be using our custom made habit tracker to start eating in a new way to eliminate bloating, skin issues and flatten your stomach.
When you eat in the way we teach, you will develop healthy eating habits, which means you will continue to get results long after the six week program.

No calorie counting, no weighing foods and no restrictive eating patterns.

You will also get lots of new recipes and a new healthy shopping list to set you up for success with your new way of eating.



Your mindset is vital when it comes to creating positive habits and maintaining your weight loss. In the past, you have probably been working out, eating well, but still did not see the results you want. It’s not your fault. Most programs are lacking this key element and until we address it, our dream body will always be out of reach.
Until we look inside, we don’t realize that our beliefs are holding us back from achieving our goals and making positive changes.



You can join here: 6 Week Online ‘Accidental Weight Loss’ Program.


Comments throughout our programs:


“I’ve only been doing it for a week so far but I’m loving it! Your help with nutrition has been so good for me, I feel a change already! Thank you for being so open with questions and support.”


“After the first week of workouts and healthy reinforcement I am already feeling so much better. Sore from workouts but happy knowing it’s for the right reason. Can’t wait for week two workouts!!!”


“I love all of the workouts because I can do them in hotel rooms when I have to go away for work. I’m eating well, exercising well, losing lots of weight, getting fitter and stronger. Can’t wait to see my results at the end.”


“Just did my first check in. I’ve lost 6cms around my shoulders, back and hips. I’ve dropped 0.6% body fat, gained 300g of muscle and dropped my metabolic age by one year. However, my weight has gone up. Don’t get disheartened if your scales give you a higher number. You will feel when you have progressed and a number should not change that!!” – Coach Deanna


“I’m sore today so this mobility was just what I needed! Like you, the Jefferson curl made me feel best. Love the wrist extension ones too because wrists get a hammering with planks, push ups etc, but this was the first real wrist strengtheners I’ve ever done. Definitely keeping these in my repertoire!”


“Tracking really well with my goals. Aced my two week goal (a particular work skirt) and tracking well for four week goal (a particular pair of pants!). My number one lesson is – patience is your friend. In my case, I didn’t put the weight on overnight and it’s not going to come off overnight. Strength can’t be built in a day. Small gains are beautiful. My number two lesson is – I stopped drinking alcohol, stopped snacking and stopped overeating – even though it was always delicious vegan meals, I ate far too much as it was always so yummy.”


“Ok, so I just did my fortnightly check in and wanted to share with you all again. This time, my weight has not changed, but my body fat has increased and muscle mass has decreased. However, I’m not upset – in fact, I thought this would happen. I wasn’t feeling my normal self due to my period and didn’t work out with as much gusto, and I definitely ate some foods that did not take me towards my goals (So so much coconut rice…). I can not be upset with the results I did not get from the work I did not do. So I am simply accepting this and moving on. This week, and the next, I will make sure that I commit to choosing foods that nourish me and do my best with all my workouts. No pity parties, no guilt. It’s ok to be winning, and it’s ok to feel you are ‘going backwards’. Results come from consistency, so just keep showing up and taking action.” – Coach Deanna


“I’ve enjoyed all the workouts so far. I’ve enjoyed the change-up with the mobility ones – I do them when I’m sore and still want to keep up. Favourite habit – five fistfuls of veg, getting enough sleep, a palm sized protein. All great though – now I have evidence base to encourage others to do the next round as the results speak for themselves”





Comments at the end of our programs:


“My routine was really good – I got up, worked out and got my food sorted for the day. Starting my day off on the right foot took so much pressure off the rest of the day. I changed my breakfast to granola and coconut yoghurt and I’m now eating a real lunch instead of a banana and a tiny box of mixed nuts.”


“I didn’t achieve the goals I set, I exceeded them! I really enjoyed all of the workouts and loved that they were only 20 minutes. There was a good variety but I loved the mobility ones.”


“Brilliant – thank you Deanna and thank you to everyone else who took part, including D’s Dad and especially Nala. It’s been great, helped me nail all of the goals I set. I’m really looking forward to participating in the coming programs too.”


“Deanna had all bases covered for the Box it Out online challenge. There were a great variety of exercises, positive mindset reminders and weekly eating goals to keep me on track. The program really had me feeling really about myself on the good days, as well as being supported on the harder days!”


“I feel better in myself. Not as hungry all the time. And we cook most of our meals now!”



“I lost a ton of weight and got way fitter, stronger, healthier and happier. Joining the Box it Out online challenge was worth every penny. I’m wearing clothes I haven’t been able to wear for years, if ever, and clothes that didn’t fit 8 weeks ago are now too big to leave the house in. Crazy, hey? I’ll be doing the next one as I’ve still got loads of goals in mind to achieve. The great thing is, you can do the workouts from anywhere – home, hotel rooms if you travel, wherever suits you. You don’t need to go to a gym or get fancy active wear, and you can workout to your own pace while you build strength and fitness. It worked for me and it can work for you.”



Your coaches results from the last program:

“A lot of people we’re asking, and I don’t like to focus on the numbers, rather on building healthy habits into daily life and letting the results come – but I understand that we are very visual beings. So, here were the results that came for me.

I put down (because I don’t intend on finding any fat that I lost) quite a bit of fat from around my legs, hips, and of course, my stomach. I also have definitely reduced my back fat, and my shoulders seem to be in a better posture. Because I lost fat and gained muscle, I can see that the arches of my feet aren’t collapsing in like they were at the start of the challenge. This would also have helped with the better posture.

But the biggest change I see is within myself. You can actually see the different between lack of confidence, and now, confident, in my face. I remember when asking for the first photos, to make sure they did not have my face in them. The second time, I said to make sure it has the whole of me in the photo.
We hide away, we refuse to take photos, or be in photos because we are ashamed of our bodies. I was that person. Now I love my body and appreciate what it can do.
So yes, I lost weight and I look better, but what matters is that I am stronger, healthier and happier.

You can get results like this in just 6 weeks- without doing daily joint crushing HIIT or starving yourself.

This isn’t a 6 week weight loss challenge, this is a 6 week mind, body and food transformation.

Let me show you how to get healthy. Everything we will do is sustainable, repeatable, and you can do it for life!!”

Our online programs come with a 100% money back guarantee. We stand by our programs. If you have completed the workouts and the habits, and are not happy with your results by the end of the challenge, we will refund your investment.



Your results are guaranteed, so what are you waiting for?

Join here: Box it Out 6 Week Online ‘Accidental Weight Loss’ Program





‘Acting out the same impulses is why people go on a diet and lose a ton of weight only to put it back on again, why people who win the lottery eventually end up right back where they started financially, why most New Year’s Resolutions are barely even a memory by February. If you only change on the exterior and work on things outside of yourself (cutting down on your donut intake), but you’re being the same person on the inside with the same mindset of lack and fear, e.g., if I can’t hide behind my wall of flab I will be seen, and vulnerable, and very possibly rejected, you won’t evolve.’ – Excerpt from You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

This is the answer. I will show you how to delve deep and get long lasting changes by aligning your physical body, nutritional habits and mindset patterns.

If you only want the best for your health. If you are ready to stand out from the crowd. If you are ready to be admired and constantly asked “You are so confident and you look amazing, how did you do it?”

This is the answer.



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But if you are ready for results, our last intake of this program begins Monday November 4th.

You are only six weeks away… 


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